2018 Medical Trends Around the World Report - Asia Focus

  • RECORDED: 28 August 2018



    As healthcare costs in Asia continue to rise, conventional solutions — focused on negotiating with insurers and modifying coverage — fail to address cost drivers emerging from other aspects of the health value chain, such as employee and provider behavior. The focus needs to shift to identifying these intrinsic but less-evident cost drivers.


    Join us for a complimentary webinar on 2018 Medical Trends Around the World Report as we share key insights from Asia and discuss how employers can tackle rising healthcare costs while implementing sustainable and measurable wellness solutions.


    Joan Collar
    Regional Leader, Asia (Marsh)
    Mercer Marsh Benefits™

    Rose Kwan
    Growth Markets Health Director (Mercer)
    Mercer Marsh Benefits™

    Liana Attard
    Asia Zone Consulting Leader (Mercer)
    Mercer Marsh Benefits™

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